Since 2008, Extradireccional has been aiming to invigorate directional signage in Portugal.
Guided by the persistence and dedication that characterize its team, has more than 10 years experience in the market. Puts together: know-how, an innovative spirit and the search for services and solutions adjusted to the needs of the market. Together with Media Channel Communications and Shinecare Health Communications, it is currently part of the Shine Media Group.

Our History

Due to the need to segment a Media Channel business area in mid-2008, Extradireccional is born with the intention of embracing all directional signage in Portugal.

In this process of achieving full sustainability and consolidation of the company, the correct application of know-how in daily life was evident, bringing immediately a competitive advantage visible to all stakeholders.

It is through a lot of persistence and dedication to the objectives outlined that Extradireccional quickly began positioning itself in the advertising market, building strong bases in gaining important communication exclusivities in several municipalities of the country.

In the face of constant market changes and demonstrated needs for more direct and accessible communication, it was soon committed to the real needs of its customers and was very pleased to provide advertising formats with impact and visibility at reduced cost.

In this sense, it continues to state that the segment to which it is dedicated, is the most direct and visible of all, within advertising.

Being able to “direct”, “route”, “drive” or “guide” all people to create traffic for our customers, is simply the main goal of Extradireccional.



We believe in creating value for our client trough projects that communicate in viable, rigorous and distinct channels. 


Create tools that allow companies to communicate.
Being recognized as a quality and efficiency reference in the Portuguese market.


Transparency • Innovation • Reliability • Efficiency



Putting together the key factor to success and establishing a cohesive plan about how to apply our capacities, we use resources to be present in the publicity market.  This strategy makes us center our tactics in a way we can obtain a competitive advantage, in a sustainably and lasting way.

Having in mind the differentiating way of communicating and the costs associated with working with us we will continue to be focused in maintaining and improve our strategy. Investing in a sustainable way to improve the way we serve our costumers is our main goal.

In creating value, we see ours and our clients success. All our energies are combined in this cooperation avidly supporting the growing of the local economies.




Where we are

Extradireccional – Direct. Route. Drive. Guide.